BOHEMIA 501 ekonom

It is equipped with an LED operating light, a five-tool table on a pantograph with a pneumatic brake and a rotating spittoon block with a glass spittoon. Part of the spittoon block also includes a panel of a powerful extractor with nozzles for a saliva ejector Ø6 mm and nozzle for suction ends Ø11 mm. The set is equipped with a pneumatic pump as a source of vacuum for a powerful suction device. So there is no need to equip the set with a powerful vakuum extractor.

This version is not equipped with an amalgam separator – but it is possible to complete the set with an external separator – e.g. Skantech sedimentation separator (see accessories). The kit is equipped with a three-way syringe and a light turbine hose.

The set is equipped with foil keyboards on the doctor’s and assistant´s table for controlling and programming the chair, filling the glass, rinsing the spittoon and controlling the light.

An intraoral camera with a monitor can be placed on the light rod.

More information:

Five-tool doctor’s table with lower hose guide

equipped with syringe, light turbine hose

Rotating spittoon block with pneumatic brake

Pantographic table arm with pneumatic brake

Pantographic light arm

LED operating light

Glass spittoon

Space for an assistant with a saliva decanter and suction nozzles Ø6 and Ø11

Powerful pneumatic vacuum

Armchair with seamless upholstery

Multifunctional foot switch for controlling both the chair and the set

foil keyboards on the doctor’s table and spittoon block

Optional table with upper hose guide (see additional equipment)

Two-year warranty