About us

We are a Czech company founded in 1994. Initially, the company specialized in servicing and complete reconstruction of dental units. After years of experience in the field, the development of own dental units was started. The goal was to develop a quality set that stands out for its technical processing, easy maintenance and durability. That is why we worked closely with dentists, dental hygienists and dental surgeons. After years of development, the first certified model of the BOHEMIA 501 set was launched on the market in 1999. Development, production and service are certified according to ČSN EN ISO 13485. In the following years, several technical innovations took place and now the company is proud of the fifth model series of the BOHEMIA 501 set The company participates in international fairs and cooperates with multinational organizations.

Participation in IDS in Cologne

Company history


KDT enters the market


The first BOHEMIA 501 set produce


2nd generation of the BOHEMIA 501 set


A new model designed for maxillofacial surger


NATO military field hospital equipmen


Sales offices in 5 countries